Types of Commercial Roofing

Commercial spaces functions in a variety of ways, due to these commercial spaces may need different types of roofing installed. Here are some types of roofing that are installed commercially. 

  • Thermoplastic  


Thermoplastic is a material for roofing systems that are known for its durability. This type of roofing system has a good reputation of being durable thus it is very popular among people in need of commercial roofing. This type of commercial roofing is very flexible when it comes to temperature because it has a tolerance when it comes to temperatures that are high and also tolerates very low temperatures as well. When it comes to making sure investment of this type of roofing is questioned, there is a guarantee of it lasting 20 years or longer, thus it is very significant especially to companies that are looking for something to invest wisely on.  


  • Solar Shingles 


The very cool thing about roof that are made of solar shingles is how companies can make use of its ability to supply energy into the building they own. Solar shingles have the ability to collect energy from a solar source and can be used to provide power or energy to different systems in the building it shelters. This does not only promote green energy but it also helps companies or businessmen to save up on their investment when it comes to power consumption.  


This type of roofing may need quite a big investment compared to other commercial roofing options however businessmen and companies are slowly realizing the long-term benefit of investing on this type of roof.  


  • EDPM 


What is EDPM? EDPM is a material that offers durability through a material that’s a synthetic rubber membrane which mainly consists of ethylene and propylene that comes from both oil and also natural gas.  


This type of roofing is of traditional type and offers the most lifespan compared to other commercial roofing options. EDPM are known to be easier compared to other types when it comes to installation and maintenance thus it has become a popular demand among companies. Moreover, since this type of commercial roofing is traditional and known, it is also the type of roofing where a lot of people are experts in. When it comes to this roofing, you will easily find contractors that are qualified to do the job for you. 


  • Green 


Everyone has been fixated on the fact that the earth is going to eat itself up sooner or later if we don’t make any improvement on how we approach the materials we use in every kind of industry; thus, installation of green roofs has been rampant nowadays. These are roof that involve putting of soil on a membrane that is waterproof in order to avoid the moisture it may cause on the roof and then adding vegetation.  


These types of systems have resulted to a lot of reduction when it comes to costs of heating and cooling concerns. Through green roofs, there is lesser heat penetration in the roofs and offers great insulation as well. It has also been studied and shown that through green roofing, roofing underneath has resulted in a longer lifespan. 


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